Every month, we will decide on a certain child, as the winner of a monthly award, kindly designed and manufactured in our great city, by local fashionable design led potter, Denise O’Sullivan.

The recipient will win the award, based on them embracing and following our ethics and should be a child who naturally;

Denise O’Sullivan







I approached Denise with the idea and in no time at all she had come up with several fab designs.

We wanted them to be something special and personal, that the kids could keep forever; not ‘just another’ mass made medal that gets thrown in a drawer, but something that can take pride of place.


Think about what it represents; the qualitites that should be shown to win the award will also be the qualities that the children can take forward into adult hood and provide them with the tools for success!!

If you see a child at one of our events doing something particulary outstanding, please let us know and we can consider them!