SHINER award for April 2017

Our SHINER award for April, went out to a person who joined us in September last year, and has attended loads of runs between now and then, only missing 4 of the 22 possible runs in that time!

His determination and commitment has seen him achieve a massive 8 improvements on his personal bests, showing that he’s always giving his best effort.

But not only that, his attitude towards going back to help his fellow runners is fantastic, and as soon as he’s caught his breath he heads back out to help other runners in to the finish!

The SHINER award is given in recognition for those that;






and there is no doubting that Alfie Evans does all of the above regularly!

Hopefully, he’ll inspire others to do more of the same.

We’re trying to encourage the kids of the Potteries to look after each other, not just themselves so that they can create a much brighter future for themselves and each other and so far what we’re seeing is definitely sewing the seeds for this!

Well done Alfie!!

We want to show our gratitude to Denise O’Sullivan ceramics for designing and hand making these beautiful pottery medals for us and donating her time and effort free of charge!

Check her website and look at the other brilliant pieces of work that she has!