Patience Lamb

After 2 hard years of working hard training for a triathlon, Patience Lamb, one of our regulars, a member of Newcastle Triathlon Club achieved the result that she definately deserved and came third place!

Here is her report;

It all started of with a scorching hot day. When it was nearly time for my race I got my hat and Goggles on and listened to my race briefing. When my race director Bryan told my wave and myself to slide into the water we did so. When we were in the water I made my way to front, I could touch the floor. When I was in the water everyone lined up and they counted down in French all the way from 10 to 1.

As soon as the klaxon went everyone got into a hustle and bustle, everyone was fighting to get a lead. When I went round the first boy I went too far out and lost some places. When we we were on the finishing straight of the swim I passed a few kids. When I got pulled out of the water the ramp was all slippy and I nearly slipped back down.  On the run up transition 1 you had to run up lots of steps they were extremely slippery.

When I got to transition 1 my dad was there waiting for me. I got my bike off him and my helmet, trainers and number belt and went. I had a good ride, very fast. I got stuck on some stuff on the floor but I was ok, when I got on my run I had nothing left but tried my hardest.

As I came round the corner everyone was shouting for me. I went round another corner and I ran with my dad by the side of me. When I came to the finishing straight I proper sprinted, when I finished I was exhausted. We all went to the presentation,

I could not believe it when my name was called out for 3rd. When we got back to the campsite I was so happy. We had a bonfire and stayed up late toasting marshmallows and playing scrabble. My triathlon 2016

Patience Lamb 3