Joint winners for May & June

In May, rather than chosing one winner and awarding them their prize for being a SHINER, we couldn’t decide whether to award it to Ashton or Brendan Dawson, as they both exhibited the qualities that we look for.

Instead, we decided to wait until June to see if they carried on Supporting, Helping, Inspiring, Nurturing and Encouraging other kids.  We weren’t surprised to see that they continued with how they behave at each run and decided to award each of the boys a prize each, one for May and one for June.

Now, as the name suggests, the prize is recognition for those children that regularly exhibit the qualities that we are trying to encourage.  What I certainly don’t want, is to reward the faster children at the expense of ignoring some who are slower, it isn’t a prize for being ‘good’ or ‘fast’, but it just happens that the boys are regularly in the top 3 finishers each week, and that one of them nearly always wins.


It is their attitude, of winning or finishing and going straight back out onto the course to help others that we are really keen to nurture, and hopefully the boys will ebcome role models in the eyes of other children too.

It’s great to see that they attend regularly, despite whatever weather we have, and it is this consistency in training that produces winners, far more than a natural tallent or ability!



Here is what the boys’ mum Kerry had to say (stolen from Facebook!);

“On Sunday morning (16/7/17) Ashton and Brendan took part in their usual weekend 2K run with the “Potteries Active Kids” and both came home with the monthly “SHINER” award for May and June. This award is given to children who Support, Help, Inspire, Nurture, & Encourage other children within the group by going back out on the course once they have finished and help and support the others across the finish line, working as a TEAM. Both Ashton and Brendan enjoy meeting friends here each weekend and work hard to improve their own times. Ashton especially is after the course record, so he wants to knock the 2 seconds needed to do this off his PB! The 2K run is a great opportunity for kids in the area to be active and have fun, but it is also the basis of general fitness and stamina building, that can then be used for any sport and this helps Ashton and Brendan in their Taekwondo too. It also shows that determination and commitment is important to achieve our personal goals in life, especially on an early wet Sunday morning. Thanks to all the marshals and parent helpers, who also show commitment to enable the run to happen each weekend. Thanks also for the beautiful pottery medals which are unique to PAK and have been designed and hand made by Denise O’Sullivan ceramics, Ashton and Brendan are thrilled with their medals!
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Special thanks to Denise O’Sullivan Pottery who designed and hand made the awards at her own expense which allows us to recognise achievments in the kids!