Frank’s training; week 4

My training this week has been back on track, with a running volume of 85 miles of, plus the usual gym strength and step training.  A beautiful weekend was all of the encouragment that I needed to get out and explore some hilly trails which helped to bring my weekly mileage back up to where it should be!

Aswell as a great week of running, my gym work has been on track; I’ve still done my usual 3 hours in the gym and have upped the time spent on the stairs of death to 24 minutes at a time.

Thanks to everybody for your support so far!  Once my initial enthusiasm wears off, I know this challenge is going to be a killer!

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Stats this week;

Running miles; 85

Running time; 13 hours

Gym strength training; 3 hours

Gym step training; 120 minutes & 600 floors

Funds raised so far; £181.80

Week 4 done & dusted, 19 weeks until the day