Frank’s training; week 1

A week into my training, and all so far is going well!

I usually spend a lot of time running, so that hasn’t really changed!

I’m going to include a lot of work in the gym on a ‘vertical staircase’ – a sort of rolling escalator!

I can’t believe how hard it is, within minutes my heart rate has hit it’s maximum and my calves feel like they’re going to explode!

I’m starting off doing 20 minutes per day when I can get to the gym; I usually go 3 days a week but I’ll begin to make extra visits, just to use the ‘staircase of death’!  There will be a lot of hill hiking on our challenge as the hills will be too steep to run, so I think this will be instrumental in my training.

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Stats this week;

Running miles; 68

Running time; 11 hours

Gym strength training; 3 hours

Gym step training; 70 minutes & 350 floors

Funds raised so far; £86.80

Week 1 done & dusted, 22 weeks until the day 🙂