Elizabeth Vickerman

7 months ago, when we opened our first Junior run at Milton, Elizabeth’s parents had a struggle getting her to run any of the 2K course without tears or tantrums, yet now, after persistence and encouragment on their part, she’s one of our regulars, there week in week out with a smile on her face!

5 year old Elizabeth often runs back for others to help them out once she’s finished her own run, and is a great embassador for team work!

Her highlight on Sunday mornings was when her idol, local superstar Lucy Holt ran the whole 2K course with her to encourage her along.

And incredibly, the early mornings and tantrums paid off, when this weekend, Elizabeth took part in an obstacle race around a 5k course and completed THREE laps; FIFTEEN KILOMETERS!!!

All this whilst climbing over obstacles, running through water and even getting baked beans thrown in her face!!

I think it’s absolutely remarkable and am incredibly proud to know her, her parents and her role models!