run-cancelledUnfortunately, due to the lack of volunteers, this Sunday’s run has been cancelled.

We cannot risk putting the children in any danger of harm and the small amount of people that have volunteered isn’t enough to maintain safety.

I did put a post out on facebook asking for help and said a decision would be made late Thursday or early Friday as to whether to go ahead or not since most regular volunteers who don’t have children at the event will be busy this weekend but have not had any response.

The Challenge

The challenge for Sunday 17th July is for each child to bring a friend along to the run and then once they’ve finished their own run to go back for their friends, and then their team and to try and get every child runner back across the finish line BEFORE Lucy Holt, our celebrity International athlete has completed 2 laps of the whole course.

So, can the whole team complete 2 Km before Lucy completes 4 Km???

The real challenge here is for the adults rather than the children….the biggest stumbling block in getting children to participate in sport isn’t convincing the children, is coaxing the parents out of the house…….can YOU help do this for your children?

A great opportunity for chldren to learn how to;

  • Operate as a team member
  • Work harder for their team mates
  • Empathise with their friends
  • Learn how to encourage their friends

Lets help them to #SHINE


10th July

After a week’s break for the Potteries marathon, we were back in force for the Milton junior run with brilliant displays of guts and determination and seeing Alice Williams take the crown for the second week coming!

With 2 of the top 3 runners being girls they’re certainly setting the standards and showing the boys how to do it!

Can they be challenged?!

Don’t forget next week’s challenge…every child has been challenged to bring a friend, and as a team the whole gang will race England international athlete Lucy Holt.  She will do 2 laps of the course and we’ll find out if team work and determination can see all runners finish before Lucy finishes both laps….
Results as follows;

Place Gun Runner
1 – 09:24 Alice Williams
2 – 09:26 Jack Dean Continue reading “10th July”