Run 4 fun results – May 2016

Wow – what a morning!!

A team of 50 fantastic volunteers, a DJ and a team GB international runner all worked together to provide and inspire 120+ brilliant runners from first timers to seasoned athletes!

After an energetic group warm up, we had people from all walks of life toe the start line with the one common goal; to run for fun!

The first runner crossed the finish line, having completed his 2K in around 8 mins 30 secs with a rapid succession of finishers following after.

The results will be published here later once I’ve found the 24 people that went home with my finishers tokens and never gave their names in!!!!!

If you are one of the people who took a token home, please let me know the number of the token that you have.

Run for Fun 2016 results

Please let me know of any spelling mistakes or anything that needs correcting!

Photographs will be uploaded to the Potteries Active Kids facebook page when I get a second.

Thanks to the Dougie Mac hospice, Excel Academy, Goals Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent markets and Norton McDonalds for their genorosity in donating prizes and allowing us to use their facilities.