We’re registered!!

Finally, after form filling, change making, and forward, backward and sideways jumps through hoops…we did it!

We are now registered as a charity!!

I wanted to get it all done ASAP so that people could start using just giving and other sites to raise money for us….but there I found my next problem!

To register with Just giving we have to pay a monthly fee of £15+ VAT 🙁

If any body knows of any companies that would like to sponsor us the £18 per month so that we can start the ball rolling that would be brilliant…please share this around and see if we can find somebody out there!


We’re back!!

We will be back at the Excel Acdemy & Goals soccer centre from tomorrow.

earlier in the week I checked the course and it seemed smoke free, and towards the end of the week we’ve had enough rain to keep Noah happy, so fingers crossed, all should be ok to resume normal service tomorrow!

I will be away tomorrow and so it will be in the capable hands of Sarah…please get there early to help her out and get hi viz helpers in place early to save her any undue stress!!

Have a great Saturday 🙂


Run cancelled 12/2/17

After taking on board safety advice and information given by different authorities, organisations and individuals following last week’s fire, unfortunately I have decided to cancel this week’s (12-2-17) run so as not to expose anybody to any undue risks of any harm.

Sorry to have to do it and to do it so late, but I’d rather all of the kids and parents be safe, if a little unhappy!

Hey…you get a lie in!!

Christmas fancy dress 2016

Sunday 18th December will be our fancy dress & Christmas jumper run!!
That goes for big kids as well as their little kids!!
A prize for every child in fancy dress of a free 2K run, whilst all big kids win the prize of marshalling at the run!!
Let’s get a bumper turnout and get some festive excitement going!
Please be on time – 0830 for hi-viz helpers. 0845 for runners.


run-cancelledUnfortunately, due to the lack of volunteers, this Sunday’s run has been cancelled.

We cannot risk putting the children in any danger of harm and the small amount of people that have volunteered isn’t enough to maintain safety.

I did put a post out on facebook asking for help and said a decision would be made late Thursday or early Friday as to whether to go ahead or not since most regular volunteers who don’t have children at the event will be busy this weekend but have not had any response.

P.B. Pikachu

I’ve been out Pokemon hunting and come back with a Pikachu so from now on, every one of the Potteries Active Kids that gets a P.B. (personal best) can have their picture taken with our new P.B. Pikachu!
If the parents send me the pics via the facebook page then I will put the funniest/strangest picture on the website along with the results.
This might even convice some of the big kids to come and join us too!
Who will be the first to have a P.B. Pikachu pic?