Tomorrow’s run instead of being at Goals as usual, will be replaced with the Astbury relays, at Astbury Mere.

Those who came last year loved it, parents and adults alike, it’s a great day out.

Bring a picnic, your dog, a frisbee and tennis bat and ball and have a great free day out and let your kids be part of a special team event (£2.50 entry fee).

If you speak to Tracy, she is organising teams, but even so, you’re welcome to turn up on the day, she’ll find a team for everybody to be part of 🙂

SNOW DAY 18th MARCH 2018

Hi all, unfortunately the run today, 18th March 2018 has been postponed until next week.

The course is relatively ok to run and I’m happy that it’s safe, but the roads, even the main roads nearby are quite bad and I don’t want people taking the risk.

Sorry for contributing to today’s ‘snowflake’ society but it’s a must! Get them out building snowmen instead!!


Sorry to announce but the run for 4th February has to be cancelled 🙁

All 3 of the admin team are away at a race and we’ve only had 5 volunteers come forward in advance.

It’s really a shame to have to stop the kids from doing something that’s so easy, so free, so beneficial and so accessible!

Please help us out in future by letting us know when you can volunteer!

A big thanks to Rob, Candy, Clare, Holly & Gareth for volunteering 🙂


Don’t forget, there won’t be a PAK run this Sunday 21/1/18 as we will be at the Kidsgrove 10K but fear not, there is a fun run!!

The fun run will start just after the second adult race has started, around about 11:10 am.

Once the kids have finished, we will give them a Cadbury selection box – IF YOU DON’T WISH YOUR CHILD TO BE GIVEN ONE PLEASE MAKE US AWARE.

Thanks to Oscar & Ben’s dad, Laurence Regan, we have the selection boxes for free!

Entries for the fun run will be taken on the day.  If anybody can’t afford the entrance fee, Potteries Active Kids have the ability to pay for your child so please let me know on the day, I will be confidential.  Don’t be too proud!

Inquiries here


Great news, whilst Goals is closed for business over Christmas, Potteries Active Kids is still going ahead!

Santa’s elves have worked out a safe and scenic route and you never know, the man himself might even make an appearance!

We won’t be meeting in the usual place, this time we will be meeting in the car park opposite McDonald’s on Leek New Road.

The start will be 30 seconds walk away from the car park, and the run will be finishing at the car park so you should all be able to see the kids pass at least twice!!

Please come and join us and help the kids have a brilliant time!!


Merry Christmas!

17th December 2017

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions, we have made the decision to cancel the run on Sunday 17th December.

We were out checking the course a few times on Saturday throughout the day and we’ve decided it best to cancel in advance.

We hope you understand!


Unfortunately, the run for 15th October will have to be cancelled as we have only had 8 volunteers for marshalling and finish area duties!

Thank you to those who did offer to help!

A lot of our regular volunteers are away racing at the Nottingham marathon, Manchester half marathon or the Werrington 10K, but the majority of these do not have kids and do it to try and help the kids to #SHINE

It’s quite poor that without these volunteers the run can’t go ahead!  I originally hoped when I set up the run that parents and community would take ownership for their children’s sake.

If you have any suggestions on how I can encourage this to happen please let me know as I’m stumped!


You probably know that last month Potteries Active Kids founder Frank Murphy, and one of the kid’s parents Andy Vickerman took on the challenge of running the Pennine Way; the spine of Great Britain, the oldest and possibly the toughest national trails around.

They did it to raise much needed funds to put into Potteries Active kids to set up and facilitate activities that the kids of the Potteries can embrace and enjoy for years to come.

There were lots of generous donations to help inspire and encourage them on their journey, so far they have raised nearly £3000.

We have to give a HUGE HUGE thank you to local firm NWF Fuels of Newstead, who gave a massive and very generous contribution to the pot to enable us to help your kids to embrace a healthier, happier and much brighter and enjoyable future.  Thank you to one of our regular kids parent, Phillip Beckett for kindly thinking about us and approaching NWF fuels with news about what we are trying to achieve, and thank you to the bosses and employees for being so accommodating and passionate about the children of the Potteries!

You can read more about Frank & Andrew’s journey here


24th Sept run cancelled

unfortunately we have had to make the decision to cancel the run for tomorrow, 24th September as we don’t have enough volunteers to ensure the safety of the kids on the run.

A few of the admin team are away and it’s not fair to put so much pressure on the one remaining team member when we’ve had such low numbers of volunteers.

Please pass this on to anybody who might be turning up.

Please use the volunteer form on the volunteer page of this site for the run on 1st October:)

Run 4 Fun & Astbury Mere relays

As mentioned over the past few weeks we will not be meeting on Sunday 21st May at our normal Potteries Active Kids location.]

Instead, there will be a run for fun on Saturday 20th May at Goals using the same 2k run route as the Sunday run.

This is available for adults and children and we want to turn it in to a mass participation event so be brave, get yourself down there at 10am and enjoy a beautiful scenic route around or location.

The run is free for all to take part.  Bring a friend, child, grandparent, cat, anybody that you like!

Then on Sunday, we will be taking part in the Astbury Mere charity relays.

It is an absolutely brilliant event, and everybody is made to feel fantastic.

We want to get 25 children to enter, so that each child can do 1 of the 1 mile laps, and then at the end all kids can run together as a big team to complete the final mile of the marathon together!

All details are on the picture attached to this post, but please fill in the form on the volunteer page just to let us know which event, or both and/or your child will be doing, just so we have an idea of numbers!

Please don’t be the one that doesn’t turn up and leave us with just 25 kids instead of 26!!

We also need lots of volunteers for the Run 4 fun so if you’re available, please let me know and be available from 0945 hrs on the Saturaday at Goals!

Please fill in this form to let us know you’re coming!