You probably know that last month Potteries Active Kids founder Frank Murphy, and one of the kid’s parents Andy Vickerman took on the challenge of running the Pennine Way; the spine of Great Britain, the oldest and possibly the toughest national trails around.

They did it to raise much needed funds to put into Potteries Active kids to set up and facilitate activities that the kids of the Potteries can embrace and enjoy for years to come.

There were lots of generous donations to help inspire and encourage them on their journey, so far they have raised nearly £3000.

We have to give a HUGE HUGE thank you to local firm NWF Fuels of Newstead, who gave a massive and very generous contribution to the pot to enable us to help your kids to embrace a healthier, happier and much brighter and enjoyable future.  Thank you to one of our regular kids parent, Phillip Beckett for kindly thinking about us and approaching NWF fuels with news about what we are trying to achieve, and thank you to the bosses and employees for being so accommodating and passionate about the children of the Potteries!

You can read more about Frank & Andrew’s journey here


Pennine Way Challenge

In September, Frank Murphy & Andy Vickerman will be running the whole 268 mile length of the Pennine way, Starting in Scotland, and finishing in Edale, in the heart of our beautiful Peak district.

Not for the feint hearted, the route is a real grueller, with really big long lung bursting steep hills, followed by quad smashing long downhills, through waist deep swamp and bog land, at really high altitude where the wind and weather will conspire to destroy their morale!

They’re doing it with one aim in mind; to Inspire as many kids and parents of the Potteries, to show that the only boundaries that we have are the ones that we set ourselves, and that if we’ve set them ourselves, we can break and expand them too!

It won’t be easy, but if it was there would be no point in doing it!

They want to raise as much money as possible for Potteries Active Kids so show your support here, and by sharing this page far and wide!