Tomorrow’s run instead of being at Goals as usual, will be replaced with the Astbury relays, at Astbury Mere.

Those who came last year loved it, parents and adults alike, it’s a great day out.

Bring a picnic, your dog, a frisbee and tennis bat and ball and have a great free day out and let your kids be part of a special team event (£2.50 entry fee).

If you speak to Tracy, she is organising teams, but even so, you’re welcome to turn up on the day, she’ll find a team for everybody to be part of 🙂

SNOW DAY 18th MARCH 2018

Hi all, unfortunately the run today, 18th March 2018 has been postponed until next week.

The course is relatively ok to run and I’m happy that it’s safe, but the roads, even the main roads nearby are quite bad and I don’t want people taking the risk.

Sorry for contributing to today’s ‘snowflake’ society but it’s a must! Get them out building snowmen instead!!


Sorry to announce but the run for 4th February has to be cancelled 🙁

All 3 of the admin team are away at a race and we’ve only had 5 volunteers come forward in advance.

It’s really a shame to have to stop the kids from doing something that’s so easy, so free, so beneficial and so accessible!

Please help us out in future by letting us know when you can volunteer!

A big thanks to Rob, Candy, Clare, Holly & Gareth for volunteering 🙂

14 January 2018


Position Time Name
1 09:03 Lucy Donnelly
2 10:23 Robyn Schiller
3 10:53 Jacob Oakes
4 11:36 Alfie Evans
5 11:43 Amelia Mellor **FIRST TIME **
6 11:49 Maggie Beardmore
7 12:55 Bradley Oakes
8 13:06 Oliver Craig **FIRST TIME **
9 13:15 Aaron Leese
10 13:37 Josh Taylor
11 14:30 Dylan Hulme **PB**
12 15:40 Oscar Coons
13 16:00 Elizabeth Vickerman
14 16:26 Sophie-Mae Schonau **FIRST TIME **
15 18:41 Poppy Daley **FIRST TIME **