Alfie Frearson

Last weekend, one of our regulars, Alfie Frearson, did the Milton run, as he has countless times before.

But he’s never done it on crutches.

And he’s never done it after being in a wheelchair for 11 weeks, and after only being back on his feet for 4 weeks.

In April half term, what started off as a lovely family walk with his little brother and baby sister, nearly ended in disaster for the Frearsons.

As they were walking along the pavement, on a quiet estate, a car smashed up the pavement and into the family.  The quick thinking actions of their nan, and all the luck in the world, meant that his baby sister and younger brother just managed to be shoved out of the way in time.

Alfie was pinned to a fence by the car, and miraculously and very fortunately he survived to tell the tale!

He had an open compound fracture of his tibia, and a spiral and buckled fracture of his fibula!

2 stints in an operating surgery so far has left him with 2 metal rods holding his leg together and after his next surgery, planned for just after Christmas 2017, he will be hopefully be discharged from the care of the hospital!

After a long initial stay in hospital, and 11 weeks in a wheelchair, he’s gradually working towards getting back to how he used to be and is now into his fourth week on two and a half feet!

These kind of injuries are really severe ones, and apart from the obvious mental knocks he’s taken, he’s done incredibly well to be at the stage he is now, he must have his age to thank!

He has a lot of hard work to do over the next 12-24 months to give him back the good movement patterns and agility & ease of movement that he had before, but if we as a Potteries Active Kids family show him and his parents lots of Support, Help, Inspiration, Nurturing and Encouragement then he will be in good hands!

Well done Alfie, what a brave superstar!

Hug your kids tonight folks, and don’t take your eyes off the road!