9th April 2017

33 mini superstars enthusiastically toed the start line today, welcoming 5 first timers ready to take on the 2km run around the lake, resulting in a whopping 12 PBs!!!

The photo above shows an example of fantastic team spirit with three of our regulars; Robyn Schiller, Lucy Donnelly and Patience Lamb, all mustering back for a young girl and supporting her over the finish line!  Well done to each of the young ladies, and well done to Newcastle Tri Club, of which all 3 girls are members…a great advert for the club and shows that these values run deep in the club!

Not only does this produce a fantastic ethic amongst our kids and our community, but it’s also a fantastic way to ensure the kids get a proper cool down run too, so please encourage it!

It was a beautiful morning for all, runners, marshalls and spectators alike!

Well done to all who got a personal best & a photo with PB Pikachu, and all who tried too!

Thanks again to all of the marshals who volunteer their time to allow the kids an opportunity to #SHINE.

Please continue to volunteer in advance so that we can prepare with plenty of time!

1 8:24 Ashton Dawson
2 8:27 Finn Richardson PB
3 8:58 Will Tomkinson First Timer
4 9:12 Lucy Donnelly PB
5 9:36 Robyn Schiller
6 9:36 Brendan Dawson
7 9:47 Olivia Richardson PB
8 9:49 Patience Lamb
9 10:10 Jamie Burton PB
10 10:13 Abbie Goldstraw
11 10:25 Phoebe Richardson PB
12 10:39 Jacob Tomkinson First Timer
13 11:05 Alfie Evans
14 11:31 Ben Regan
15 11:33 Maggie Beardmore
16 11:39 Hannah Goldstraw PB
17 11:42 Matilda Richards PB
18 11:51 Harry Thomas PB
19 11:55 Emily Ballard First Timer
20 12:24 Isolde Bedwell
21 12:35 George Richards
22 12:39 Oliver Wilkes PB
23 13:14 Oscar Regan PB
24 13:15 Phoebe Owen
25 13:26 Aaron Leese PB
26 13:55 Seth Frearson
27 15:01 Oscar Coons
28 15:07 Jess Emery
29 16:25 Dyland Gordon-Hulme PB
30 16:28 Freddie Greaves First Timer
31 16:36 Noah Vardy
32 20:44 Olivia Heath First Timer
33 21:05 Sam Owen

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