8th October 2017

Loads of enthusiasm around the course, and the kids having great fun during their run, despite the low turnout, saw a fantastic 6 PBs today and it was great seeing the kids finish their run and going to help each other out again…please continue to encourage this sportsmanship among your kids!

As I mentioned, next week there will be lots of races going on and so a lot of our regular volunteers won’t be able to make it…I need to know in advance who is available to help so please fill in the volunteer form by clicking the button at the bottom of this post!

Pos Time Name
1 10:12 Alfie Evans
2 10:56 Jamie Weller
3 11:02 Alex Salt
4 11:16 Ben Regan
5 11:19 Aaron Leese
6 12:46 Lucas Bailey
7 13:07 Knightley Pimlott
8 13:18 Sean Weller
9 13:19 Ava Bennett
10 13:27 Isolde Bedwell
11 13:33 Oscar Regan
12 13:58 Sam Owen
13 14:11 Emily Wright
14 14:20 Oscar Coons
15 16:28 Isabel Salt
16 17:34 Joseph Podmore

Click here to download results spreadsheet