28th January 2018

Thank you to everybody who made today another good morning for the kids of the Potteries!

We welcomed another new comer, Tara who won the bet with her Auntie that she would beat her!!

Next week we will be really short of marshals as there is a race on, so if you can volunteer in advance it would be really helpful!  The link to volunteer is below!

I’ve started another results spreadsheet for 2018, which has every PB highlighted in yellow so that you can track your child’s progress!  The key factor to them progressing is attendance….the ones who get faster sooner are the ones who regularly attend!…so see you all next week too!!

Position Name Today’s time
1 Robyn Schiller 9.46
2 Alex Salt 11.34
3 Ben Regan 12.15
4 Oliver Craig 12.29
5 Isabelle Rudnicki 13.06
6 Tara Schonau 14.08 **FIRST TIME**
7 Oscar Coons 14.41
8 Sophie-Mae Schonau 15.29
9 Oscar Regan 17.51
10 Poppy Daley 18.24

Here are the 3 PB superstars with PB Paddington!

Click here to download results spreadsheet