1st October 2017


Today, was a fantastic day.  I had cake!!

We had loads of achievements to celebrate this week, firstly in welcoming Joshua Taylor to our Sunday run, and then in congratulating Brendan Dawson, Jamie Weller, Sean Weller & Oscar Schirmer for getting personal bests!

We had loads of volunteers let us know in advance so that we could plan the event and make sure that it went ahead – thank you all!

To celebrate mine and Andrew’s run to raise money for PAK, and the fantastic acts of generosity from you guys in helping us reach £2700 we were surprised by a special Potteries Active Kids cake!

We were also joined by our celebrity bronze medalist who just won his medal at the National Taekwondo Championships and also, along with his brother had 2 great performances at the Mow Cop Killer Mile run!

Next to join us was Lucy Donnelly, fresh from her win at the cross-country yesterday, she was enjoying a rest rather than taking part in the run, so her and her mum volunteered to marshal.  Well done Lucy!!!

And as the results below show, another of our superstars, Patience Lamb, joined us after finishing yesterday’s cross-country hot on Lucy’s heels, and then rather than run her run hard, she decided to help out Robyn with her run and also cause me some trouble with the results by finishing hand in hand and both in 3rd place!!


Pos Time Name
1 08:51 Ashton Dawson
2 09:17 Brendan Dawson
3 09:36 Patience Lamb
4 09:36 Robyn Schiller
5 10:17 Sebastian Sunnuck
6 10:34 Alfie Evans
7 10:37 Jamie Weller
8 10:41 Maggie Beardmore
9 11:42 Ben Regan
10 11:43 Alex Salt
11 11:56 Aaron Leese
12 12:19 Isolde Bedwell
13 14:04 Josh Taylor
14 14:04 Sean Weller
15 14:12 Sebastian Schirmer
16 15:10 Knightley Pimlott
17 15:26 Oscar Coons
18 15:32 Elizabeth Vickerman
19 15:42 Isabel Salt
20 15:42 Jess Emery
21 15:48 Noah Vardy
22 17:39 Oscar Schirmer

Click here to download results spreadsheet