13th August 2017

This morning’s run was a great one!  Loads of kids turned up with enthusiasm in abundance!

There was also a great display of teamwork shown by loads of the kids; the attitude of working hard and then going back to help their friends out is rapidly spreading and will be a great mind-set to adopt and take into adult life!!  Well done all those that encourage it!

The importance of our set up with the marshals was highlighted today, one marshal had a fright when one of the kids stopped and went down to the lake to look at the ducks; he thought that there was a danger of him going into the water and reacted like lightning and everything was ok!  Thank you Dave!

Thank you once again to all of the volunteers who make it possible for the kids to enjoy such a great morning!

1 09:19 Lewis Carter **PB**
2 09:55 Lucas Miah
3 10:40 Chelsea Oakes **PB**
4 11:03 Jacob Oakes
5 11:05 Leah Rigby **PB**
6 11:25 Bradley Oakes
7 11:32 Aaron Leese **PB**
8 11:32 Alex Salt **PB**
9 12:01 Owen Rigby **PB**
10 12:07 Ewan Carter
11 12:17 Declan Bennett
12 12:17 Lucas Bailey
13 13:16 Zachary Miah
14 13:32 Sebastian Schirmer
15 14:19 Maisy Press
16 15:02 Noah Pointon
17 15:25 Jack Holdcroft
18 15:43 Alexander Baggeley **PB**
19 16:04 Joseph Podmore
20 16:13 Isabel Salt
21 16:13 Oscar Coons
22 16:14 Ava Bennett
23 19:34 Oscar Schirmer **PB**
24 21:20 Louie Wilson **PB**
25 27:27 Sarah Rowson