This week we welcomed first timer Euan who had a fantastic run, coming in just under his expected time of 10 minutes, very impressive!










We also had a fantastic 3 personal bests achieved!

Here is Oliver, celebrating with P.B. Paddington

after getting his third consecutive PB; a 100% record so far!

1 Robyn Schiller 09.33
2 Euan Oakes 09.54 **FIRST TIME**
3 Aidan Yates 10.28
4 Maggie Beardmore 10.47
5 Alex Salt 10.58  **PB**
6 Alfie Evans 11.24
7 Oliver Craig 11.31  **PB**
8 Isolde Bedwell 11.54  **PB**
9 Oscar Coons 13.46
10 Aaron Leese 13.46
11 Lucas Bailey 15.17
12 Poppy Daley 19.21

Click here to download results spreadsheet

Please remember that myself and Sarah are away next week and so we need lots of volunteers in advance so that we can decide whether the run can go ahead safely!

Please volunteer using the link below.